My principle teacher, Lama Thubten Yeshe, threw me into the position of sharing the minimal insight I have in the very first meeting I had with him.  He asked me to teach dharma at a university, even though I hadn’t completed my undergraduate studies.  Amazingly, within a few months I was giving my first tutorial to a group of 10 or so students. The question that was up for that first tutorial was: “What is nirvana?”  How incredible!  How wonderful that I, a total novice, was being asked to guide students in an inquiry about the ultimate state of freedom.  Lama Yeshe is unforgettable for his love and wisdom.

Twenty years later and I had the great fortune to be invited to present to a room of a 100 or so psychoanalyists and psychologists in Paris.  The theme I choose to speak on was“Positionlessness.”  It was quite a rough and challenging 60 minutes as I worked to reveal the “not knowing mind” with a group of confident French intellectuals.  But it seemed to work.  I recall that around this period someone described my style of presenting as a form of “social kungfu.”  I have mellowed a lot since then.

Now 18 years on I am privileged and blessed to be in the position of sharing nondual wisdom with people in several countries on 4 continents.  I do this through the Radiant Mind Course, Natural Awakening Training, Individual Supervision and Coaching, and guiding people in Natural Meditation.

This website gives you an idea of the individual work I do with people. You can find information about the Radiant Mind Course and Natural Awakening Training on their own websites.I work one-on-one by phone and in person, if we are in the same area.

I hope you are drawn to inquire further and contact me directly so we can have a conversation about the different options that attract your attention.  My LinkedIn profile gives you some background on me.  I have added some videos to it to give you an impression of my work.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is a resonance.


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